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Snowdown Cotton Tote Bags

Product Information

Colours:Black, Navy Blue, Red, Purple, Royal Blue, White, Green, Aqua

Print area:225 x 260mm225 x 260mm (full colour)

Product size:420 x 380mm3oz

Print options:Spot colours, full colour











Promotional made from 3oz quality 105gsm natural Cotton with long handles that can slip easily over your shoulder for improved comfort when carrying. One of the best selling promotional items suitable for countless campaigns and businesses. These personalised shopper bags are available in a selection of eye-catching colours and are a great source of mobile branding, advertising your logo wherever you go.
Ounces (Oz) refers to the weight of cotton spun to create each square yard of the base material. It is a measurement of fabric density and not the actual weight of the bag itself. The higher the Oz the thicker/denser the product.

Since 2003, we've led the reusable bag movement, offering the widest selection of high-quality reusable bags, reusable baskets and reusable tote bags anywhere, helping people curb the need for thousands of plastic and paper bags. We offer smart solutions for everyone—from ultra-compact tote bags that fold down to fit in the palm of your hand to string bags, shopping bag sets, foldable market baskets, recycled and recyclable bags, and more!

How Reusable Shopping Bags Help the Environment?

Plastic bags take up huge amounts of landfill space and valuable resources are used up to manufacture them. In addition, there are vast islands of plastic floating in the ocean. Sea creatures-like the albatross of Midway Atoll and the sperm whale found near Mykonos Island-eat the plastic, which can result in sickness or even death. 

People who use reusable grocery bags care enough about the environment to do what it takes to reduce the amount of plastic being put into landfills each year. They are often willing to pay more for a good, sturdy reusable bag that will not only last for years, but also help raise money for an important cause. 

In addition to raising funds for your organization, every reusable shopping bag sold can potentially replace hundreds-or even thousands-of plastic bags, depending on the durability of the bag. 

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